Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nerf Herder (I don't wanna be no) - lyrics

Transcribed lyrics from the nerf herder song

Ladies and Gentlemen, holograms and clones, neuters and quadrupeds. We have an amazing line-up for you here tonight, sure to make your head or heads spin.
Straight from backwaters of Agamar , I give you: The Younglings with their new song “Nerf Herder”

From Coruscant to the outer rim
Don’t wanna be a nerf herder
From Tatooine to the cloud city
Don’t wanna be a nerf herder

Straight offa Agamar, we roll
Straight Jedi in my soul
Gonna fly off to Coruscant
Gonna leave my house, my uncle, my aunt.

It’s a Jedi’s life for me
Slashin, blastin, fightin - see
But be wary of the dark side
If it tempts you, don’t run and hide!

Out come the sabers, off comes the hand
It’s imperative you understand
Ascetic Lifestyle, matters not
In this frippin’ robe my ass looks hot


Nerf Herder!
I don’t wanna be no…

Nerf Herder!
Won’t let my anger grow

Nerf Herder!
I’ll be a Jedi, yo

Nerf Herder!
I’ll sew my own robes, yo

Nerf Herder!
Kriff off, lurdo

Nerf Herder!
Jedi Council, hello!

Either do it or don’t. There is no try.
That’s why that’s my battle cry
Cuz I don’t wanna be no scruffy nerf herder
Chop off my hand, I’ll hang off the girder

Midi-chlorians , I’ve got a few
Got picked by a master , woohoo
And after that, when my training’s done
A Jedi knight, I will become

Looking forward to the trials
Once they’re over walk down the aisles
Not one, not two, not three but four
Skill, flesh, courage, spirit… no more!

and the Jedi Code , we’re sure to keep.
No hummer, no benz, no bimmer, no jeep.
We’ll have podracers, or maybe a speeder
Now who’s a scruffy nerf herder?

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